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Digital Hand and Foot Care Platform for Beginners and Professionals

Acquire clients, enhance your knowledge, and document effectively with the MEROVA hand and foot care module!

Whether you are a professional foot care specialist or a beginner in the field, the MEROVA hand and foot care platform assists in expert and successful work.

Developing knowledge led by Dr. István Rozsos, vascular surgeon, and certified foot care partners.

Treatment Plans, Professional Support
With the treatment protocols available in the module, you can always provide proper and up-to-date care to your clients. Thanks to the training opportunities offered by our partners, you can effectively enhance your expertise and expand your list of services – from treating nail fungus to diabetic foot care.
Foot Care Finder - Expanding Client Base
In the patient interface of the MEROVA hand and foot care module, we recommend foot care professionals to users based on their service offerings and location. So, by using our interface, you can expand your clientele without even lifting a finger.
Assistance with documentation
On our platform, you can easily manage your clients' treatments. Capture before/after photos, document examinations, and then recommend products and post-care materials with just a few touches. All of this is done in a 100% legal manner, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
How can the MEROVA hand and foot care module assist you?

Additional features

Our digital platform brings you the future of hand and foot care. By using our interface, a range of advanced features supports your work and professional advancement, such as digitally managed Client Records accessible on smartphones, treatment protocols aiding expert care, or even passive client base expansion.

Support for Client Follow-up Care
Support for Diabetic Foot Diagnostics
Professional Support for Foot Care Specialists with Treatment Protocols
Foot Care Specialist Search -
Expanding Clientele
Client Journey Tracking
GDPR-Compliant Data Handling
Conference Discounts
Modernized Patient Record Keeping
Product Recommendations
Vascular Surgical Support
Viewing Treatment History
Video Training Sessions

For both Hand and Foot Care Professionals!

Whether you've specialized in hand care or foot care, the MEROVA platform is here to assist you. While foot care often receives special attention due to diabetic foot syndrome, we understand that professional hand care is also in high demand. That's why our platform offers a multitude of useful features and treatment guidelines for hand care specialists as well.

Did you know?

Inadequate documentation leaves you exposed in treatment-related legal disputes

On our platform, you can easily record every treatment plan, document your clients' condition with photos, and effortlessly recommend healing-supporting products – all from your phone, quickly and simply. Don't take risks! The MEROVA hand and foot care module, with its in-house developed digital data management solution, allows you to store and manage your clients' data easily, professionally, and in compliance with all regulations.

Hand and foot care professionals face yearly GDPR fines

The data protection regulation introduced in 2018, mostly referred to as GDPR, mandates explicit consent from every EU citizen for storing and processing their personal data. This requirement applies not only to the healthcare sector but also affects hand and foot care professionals.

Regrettably, inadequately recorded client data constitutes a severe violation of GDPR rules and can result in substantial fines.

Don't take risks! With its in-house developed digital data management solution, the MEROVA hand and foot care module allows you to easily, professionally, and in compliance with all regulations store and manage your clients' data.

Diabetic foot is no child's play! Mishandling can lead to serious consequences, even amputation

One serious complication of diabetes is the so-called diabetic foot, which in severe cases can lead to amputation. Treating diabetic foot requires special attention, expertise, and caution. In our Hand and Foot Care module, you have access to numerous treatment plans and protocol recommendations that assist in providing appropriate care for different special patient groups, including diabetes patients.
The compilation of protocols and training materials is done in collaboration with Dr. István Rozsos, a vascular surgeon, and certified foot care partners.

In 2023, we also became The Patient-Friendly Service Provider of the Year!

In 2023, we earned the title of Patient-Friendly Service Provider of the Year, where we competed with renowned private hospitals through our digital services!

"Throughout the project, we evaluate the patient, client, and customer-centered professional attitude and service design from the perspective of customers/patients."

Additional Professional Content

Vascular Surgical Support

Dr. István Rozsos, a vascular surgeon, is a specialist in saving limbs at risk due to complications from diabetes and venous circulatory disorders. He is one of the creators of the MEROVA method. His effectiveness in his work is enabled by 30 years of clinical practice, and his success is evidenced by the thousands of limbs he has saved.

Aside from his vascular surgical work, Dr. Rozsos is a dedicated advocate for proper education of diabetes patients. He regularly conducts educational presentations on topics related to venous diseases and diabetic foot.

Dr. István Rozsos
Vascular Surgeon
In order for a foot care specialist to effectively guide a patient with diabetic foot towards healing, having the appropriate medical background knowledge is essential. That's why we integrate our medical knowledge repository into the platforms used by professionals, ensuring the widest possible application of available expertise.

MEROVA also helps your clients!

One of the main advantages of our platform is that it connects you with your clients. Our users can easily search for hand and foot care specialists based on location and expertise. Additionally, treatment documentation becomes accessible to them, allowing you to directly recommend products and provide post-care instructions.

The MEROVA patient platform provides comprehensive assistance in the fields of diabetes, insulin resistance, and prediabetes, as well as for anyone looking to improve their health through a balanced lifestyle or prevent certain diseases. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are important factors for the proper functioning of our immune system. Therefore, in addition to the hand and foot care specialist search, our patient platform supports users with the following content:
Medical and Expert Articles and Recommendations
Patient and Disease Understanding Support
Health Assessment
Specialist and Doctor Finder
Access to Treatment Details and Recommendations for Post-Care
Moreover, all of this is completely free for them!

In addition to all this, the platform offers further useful content for our users, such as dietary courses, laboratory discounts, and various lifestyle packages (including health-specific shopping lists, weekly meal plans, recipes, as well as therapeutic exercises, yoga, or functional workout plans). Recommend the MEROVA platform to your clients and support them even more effectively in their healing journey!

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Subscription Packages

When using the MEROVA hand and foot care platform, you can choose from various subscription options, and the best part is that you receive gift month(s) with every plan! You can choose any plan you prefer, but the more months you subscribe for, the more bonus months we provide. So, it's worth thinking ahead!

Semi-Annual Subscription
47 500 Ft *
/ 6M
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6 months for the price of 5

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10-day trial period

*after the trial period, recurring semi-annual payment
Annual Subscription
99 750 Ft *
/ year
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12 months, pay for 10.5!

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10-day trial period

*after the trial period, recurring annual payment
Monthly Subscription
9 500 Ft */ month
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10-day trial period

*after the trial period, recurring monthly payment

The prices listed are gross prices and include the applicable VAT.

Edina Bertalan
Foot Care Master, Nail Correction Specialist, Vocational Trainer
István Szigeti
Foot Care Specialist, Nail Correction Specialist, Vocational Trainer

Excellence Hungary

Our hand and foot care partner, Excellence Hungary, provides extensive professional content, such as detailed descriptions of training protocols, to support the operation of the MEROVA hand and foot care platform.

In 2009, Edina completed her training as a foot care professional. In 2017, she became a Foot Care Master, and in 2018, she was among the first Arkada specialists in Hungary. In the same year, she became the first Hungarian Unibrace System specialist. She regularly attends international exhibitions to stay up-to-date with the latest foot care trends and technologies. Over the past years, she participated in numerous foreign training sessions in Germany and Poland to further develop and expand her knowledge. She was appointed as a Chairperson for the Specialized Foot Care Master Examination in 2022, with a track record of thousands of successful cases.

István is a dedicated professional in the field of foot care, placing a strong emphasis on prevention and timely issue recognition. Based on his experience, he believes that prevention and timely recognition can significantly improve clients' quality of life. The high quality of services he offers is attributed to ongoing trainings. He particularly values ensuring that the techniques he employs are always the most efficient and modern, staying in line with the latest industry trends and advancements.

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